More water

Out with the dog this morning, I discovered a lot going on in Saltburn today.  Skelton Beck is running high and fast through the valley after all the rain.  The footbridge between the donkey field and the play park in the valley is only just above the level of the brown rushing water (and it’s higher tonight).  The Cat Nab car park looks as if it’s going to flood – though I’ve just seen a digger clearing the debris coming down the gill to try and stop the small bridge turning into a dam.  On the beach the rain water has dug a deep channel through the sand, between the prom and the sea.  Further round towards Hazelgrove, the wide path has become almost entirely a fast moving stream, and the man hole covers over the storm drains are spouting water into the air.  I met a couple I know through the 53 Society, who told me their holiday home is currently only a foot above the flood.  Here we go again.  I hope the flow of water has been considered in the plan for the 130 new houses, because as many of you will have observed, the field is often waterlogged, and looks over the A174.  It seems a good idea to add this to the agenda of our next town and foreshore meeting with council officers.


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