Saltburn is a great place both to represent and to live in. As well as being involved in the family business, Real Meals, and helping put on the Farmers’ Market and the Food Festival, I have had an enjoyable but challenging eight years as ward councillor for Saltburn. I served as Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Education on Redcar and Cleveland Council from 2015-19, with statutory responsibility for the safeguarding and welfare of the borough’s 27,000 children and young people.

I have supported the needs of residents in my surgeries, and have helped to make decisions about the development of the foreshore to enhance Saltburn as a great place to visit. I have helped to fund Saltburn Solidarity Food Bank, Saltburn Skatepark, Saltburn in Bloom, Friends of the Valley and many other local groups.
I am also a member of the 53 Society in Saltburn and have performed in many plays over the years, most recently writing and directing a play entitled The Grooves of Launching for Saltburn Drama Festival.

To all those residents who voted for me in the election, many thanks for your support and encouragement.

Please contact me at Craig.Hannaway@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk.


One thought on “About

  1. Naomi Cuthbertson says:

    I have just read your input into the exclusions within our area and wonder if your aware of the children with Sen who are what’s know as school refusers due to anxiety. These children are also left with no education as school doesn’t support them enough with there sen needs. Leaving them with no education at all. Just within Saltburn there is Atleast 4 children including mine who are left and parents are struggling to get them the right education.

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