So Much Litter!

Walking the dog on Marine Parade the other day, I was shocked by the amount of litter on the banks: everything from baby wipes to bottles to plastic cups and food containers. So I climbed over the railing with my litter-picker this morning, and filled three bin liners just between the steps down at the Look Out and the next ones along to the west. There are an awful lot of people who won’t walk a few metres to the bin! Continue reading So Much Litter!

Saltburn Parking Proposals Consultation Outcome

Well, our consultation on the Saltburn Parking Proposals (TRO) has ended, and the result is very much against waiting times. Given this emphatically negative outcome, the Cabinet has decided the planned waiting restrictions will not go ahead. We have listened carefully to residents’ views. Going forward, we will only seek to increase the number of parking spaces wherever possible, and remove/put in some double yellow lines. I think what we need to do next is seek out sources of funding, especially from the Tees Valley Combined Authority, to do works which will create more parking spaces in Saltburn. Thank you … Continue reading Saltburn Parking Proposals Consultation Outcome