Proposed Camping and Caravan Site

Well done to all those involved in organising the public meeting on the proposed camping and caravan site last night. It was a packed room, and the speakers were both informative and passionate in their concerns – very much a Saltburn combination. Among the variety of objections raised, I think the traffic issues involve the most wishful thinking on the part of the applicant. Clearly there will be a problem if visitors staying on the site bring their cars to the seafront and the town on busy days, and the idea that visitors are going to travel to the site by train, then bus or taxi, is very unrealistic. The idea of a Public Inquiry was raised, and I think this would be a good way to address residents objections and give full voice to them.

I support the idea of a camping site in Saltburn, and think our businesses would benefit, but not from a large site in this location with its own eating and drinking facilities, and which also has a big Asda just round the corner.


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