BMI Letters I complained so many times about these BMI letters when I was Children’s Lead on the Council. Sadly, I didn’t have the power to stop them as, though they are sent out in the Council’s name, they are printed and sent by the local NHS. The officials did say they would make sure that at least those letters saying a child was obese would have the parent’s name on the envelope, rather than “parents of” and then the child’s name. The idea of a twelve year old accidentally opening a letter and finding she has been declared overweight by … Continue reading BMI Letters

New Saltburn Parking Charges

I feel I must give residents some early info on this issue. When the long-planned works to increase the number of parking spaces has been completed in Saltburn, the current Council administration, lead by Cllr Mary Lanigan, is planning to introduce parking charges on Marine Parade, as well as resident-only parking in the Jewel streets. Now, I know from talking to visitors to Saltburn in our shop that they like the free parking, and are often surprised that it is all free. Perhaps it makes them more inclined to drive to Saltburn. It is also possible that Jewel-street residents will … Continue reading New Saltburn Parking Charges