New Saltburn Parking Charges

I feel I must give residents some early info on this issue. When the long-planned works to increase the number of parking spaces has been completed in Saltburn, the current Council administration, lead by Cllr Mary Lanigan, is planning to introduce parking charges on Marine Parade, as well as resident-only parking in the Jewel streets. Now, I know from talking to visitors to Saltburn in our shop that they like the free parking, and are often surprised that it is all free. Perhaps it makes them more inclined to drive to Saltburn. It is also possible that Jewel-street residents will … Continue reading New Saltburn Parking Charges

My Budget Speech 20/21

I’ve been looking at some old videos. In particular a video of a full council meeting here in March 2016. It was fascinating. I watched Councillor Massey propose the budget for the next year. He announced that the Council Tax bill of, for example, £1376 for Band D, non-parishwould remain the same. But he also said that George Osborne‘s new Levy which was ring fenced foradult care would be added to the bill. That amount was £27 for Band D taking the bill to £1403.Then, when the police and the fire service added their precepts the total bill was £1685. … Continue reading My Budget Speech 20/21

Bad Behaviour

In a recent planning meeting where a children’s home was approved, the Mayor Cllr Billy Wells got up and accused the council’s officers of double dealing because he didn’t like the decision. So I questioned his behaviour in Full Council. The Mayor didn’t like my supplementary question, so tried to shut me up half way through. I might have still got to the end if Saltburn Tory Cllr Philip Thomson hadn’t stood up and shouted over me to help him. I don’t think either of them like democracy very much. Here is the question I tried to ask: “I recognise … Continue reading Bad Behaviour

Next week’s roadworks, including the temporary traffic lights on Windsor Road from the 17th for 2 weeks to install the zebra crossing.

REDCAR & CLEVELAND BOROUGH COUNCIL GROWTH, ENTERPRISE AND ENVIRONMENT HIGHWAYS SERVICES NOTIFICATION OF ROADWORKS ROADWORKS NOTIFIED TO THE DEPARTMENT FOR WEEK ENDING SUNDAY 16th June 2019 DOCKSIDE ROAD / SMITHS DOCK ROAD SOUTH BANK Major works will be in operation on 2nd February, 2019 for up to 6 months for service diversions and construction of new roundabout. Works to be carried out by Hall Construction Services Ltd (Enquiries: 01740650500 or 07970 497873) TRUNK ROAD REDCAR (Steel House Roundabout to Kirkleatham Lane) Intermittent temporary lane closures will be in operation on the 23rd April, 2019 for 6 weeks for new gas … Continue reading Next week’s roadworks, including the temporary traffic lights on Windsor Road from the 17th for 2 weeks to install the zebra crossing.

Roll on the 158s!

I was very nicely surprised to catch a train from Saltburn to my meeting in Redcar this morning and find it was a proper train, not a rattling old pacer. According to the train guard, we will be keeping it and getting more of them.  These new ones, or at least new to us, are 158 trains, and the ancient pacer trains are 142s.  She said the 142s are due to be phased out by the end of the year.  I do hope so – when I got to Redcar I didn’t feel like getting off, but the delights of … Continue reading Roll on the 158s!