Tearful school boss won’t give up on kids despite culture of fear on corridors – Teesside Live

041B4B48-DD84-4860-8603-33E923CAC5DCFreebrough Academy in Brotton was put in special measures after a scathing Ofsted report
— Read on www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/tearful-school-boss-wont-give-15926739

As the R&C Cabinet Member for Education, I know that the failure of this school is caused by academisation. There is simply no proper system, and the Govt have cut funding, in other words a perfect storm. Your elected Council has no say because it’s an academy, and the Govt has removed our Education money so we can’t even give them much help. When things go wrong, senior civil servants are supposedly in charge, but they can’t do much either because there is no proper system. So they put their faith in ambitious individual heads, who get over promoted and overpaid, and then fail because they really weren’t that special. There is no accountability to the public, because these are private institutions, so they don’t respond to the struggles of families because they have their own agenda. The new Trust has evicted a huge number of children from the school. So where are those children during the school day, are they safe? I recognise that they have to get control of the school because the previous leadership has ruined it, but I do not believe that also ruining the life chances of children to increase the income of a business has anything to do with the meaning of education. If you vote Labour locally on May 2nd you will send these self-serving corporate organisations a big message, and if you vote Labour in the next General Election you will terminate this chaotic and child-damaging lunacy.


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